We’re advertising for jobs again at Frame Again and always find it a shame when people don’t send the kind of cover letter’s we are looking for so I’ve written a mock letter to send to people as an example.

The key for me in a good Cover Letter is to an understanding of the organisation, an appreciation of what the role specifically involves and then enthusiasm and experience that show you would be good for the organisation and that you would be good for the role.

Here’s my imperfect try: Jake Hayman Frame Again Cover Letter

If you are interested in jobs at Frame Again, please see http://www.frameagain.com/blog

I think 2015 will see a heavy focus on employers to do more for applicants. It’s so easy to get applications wrong if you have never been taught how to get them right and don’t have someone experienced who will help you look over them and so people are lost writing hundreds of applications without any of them being effective enough to showcase the value they can truly add to a role.

There is no incentive for businesses to give feedback to unsuccessful applications but it should become part of our expectation. I definitely haven’t always done this right but am trying to do better in 2015 and I think providing samples is a good place to start.