We currently have nine jobs going at 338 City Road so please have a look and share around the links if you don’t mind!

We’re looking for a Managing Director for Future First’s new international arm to start in September – we’re going to be launching an international charity to consult to governments on how to turn schools into communities globally and looking for someone to lead it (salary £40k): http://jobs.thirdsector.co.uk/job/367259/managing-director/?LinkSource=PremiumListing

We’re also looking for a Research and Advocacy Officer (£20-24k) – http://jobs.thirdsector.co.uk/job/367260/research-and-advocacy-officer/?LinkSource=PremiumListing

And at TSIC we’re looking for a Junior Consultant (£20k – closing date July 11th) – http://www.tsiconsultancy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/TSIC-Analyst-Autumn-2014.pdf and we’re also on the hunt for franchisees – people who want to join the TSIC family and launch us an office outside of our bases in London, New York and Dubai: http://www.tsiconsultancy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/TSIC-Franchise-Opportunity.pdf 

In the UK, Future First is recruiting for tech developers – the application deadline is passed but anyone interested can still be in touch: http://futurefirst.org.uk/assets/Developer-Senior-Developer-2014.pdf

And Future First is also looking for new Programme Officers (£20-24k) to manage relationships with schools round the country, supporting them to build their alumni networks. http://futurefirst.org.uk/blog/2014/06/13/future-first-are-looking-for-lovely-new-programme-officers-to-join-the-team/