This is Part Three of a blog on creating a career development service for young adults that would be housed in local schools/colleges. Part One: ‘The Idea’ is at and Part Two: ‘The How’ is at:

Although there will be a million challenges to making this idea a reality, I worry that it will fall at the first hurdle without even proper investigation. This is because of a bigger problem that exists around how we finance innovation in the social sector.

I’m pretty confident that if I were to quit everything else I’m doing and start an organisation dedicated to the above, I could get some start up finance for this – and maybe one day awards and accolades too. But I’m not. So we have a problem.

Where do you go when you have a good idea which you need someone else own, fund and ultimately make happen? There’s a problem: we have a funding system set up to back ‘social entrepreneurs’, but no strategy for good ideas without entrepreneurs prepared to do the heavy lifting.

I wonder how many entrepreneur-less good ideas are lost because there’s no system outside of government to facilitate them becoming functioning organisations.

If Foundations and philanthropists really want to create change, they may have to extend their toolkits and start co-creating ideas, rather than just waiting for their hoops to be jumped through.

I’m hoping this blog will help me find the Foundation, individual, think tank, civil servant or Minister that’s going to take this on and make it happen – even though there is no plan, no proposal and no CEO. It’s a good idea, so someone should.


Jake Hayman is the Founder/CEO of The Social Investment Consultancy and Future First. 

PS. I’m going to make changes/improvements to this as I get feedback.